5 Magical Coconut Oil Remedies

5 Magical Coconut Oil Remedies

Happy Friday, friends! I'm so happy today to feature a new friend and fellow blogger, Karolina! I was super excited when Karolina offered to do a guest post about natural beauty remedies, and especially coconut oil beauty remedies! YES! I love using coconut oil for so many things, and Karolina has a few new ways … Continue reading 5 Magical Coconut Oil Remedies


My Favorite Homemade Scrub/In-Shower Moisturizer (Super Easy!)

It seems only fitting to continue with the pampering and sweets theme of the week.  Friday, I plan to post one more Valentine's Day goody.  A couple of weeks ago, I shared my must-have products and at-home treatments for dry hair. Last week, I shared my new favorite DIY moisturizing Oatmeal-Fennel Face mask, to banish those pesky dry … Continue reading My Favorite Homemade Scrub/In-Shower Moisturizer (Super Easy!)