The “Smoothie, Salad, Soup” Jump-Start Plant-Based Eating Plan

It's January. We all know what that means. Resolutions! Eating healthier! Joining the gym! Getting reeeeealllly psyched up and spending a fortune at the health food store in a frantic attempt to completely overhaul your kitchen. Believe me, I understand. In the past I used to create complicated resolution-inspired meal plans for myself that involved … Continue reading The “Smoothie, Salad, Soup” Jump-Start Plant-Based Eating Plan


Whole Beauty

I debated and debated on what I should write about for my very first post.  The first post!  I'm feeling a little pressure here to start off on the right foot and also I'm super giddy to get things underway.  It's so exciting to finally get this little blog rolling!  I thought I might talk a little bit … Continue reading Whole Beauty