Classic Vegan French Toast

Classic Vegan French Toast

Over the years, I've shared some of my favorite plant-based breakfasts, many of them veganized versions of my favorite dishes. Fluffy golden pancakes, hearty buckwheat pancakes, cornmeal waffles with blueberry sauce, savory-filled crepes, even these unconventional, but delicious, cinnamon rolls. Despite the fact that I have two French toast creations (pumpkin and coconut) on the … Continue reading Classic Vegan French Toast

Vegan Coconut Milk French Toast with Fried Plaintains

This post is coming at you on such a whim. I really wasn't planning on posting this today. It was just an idea that's been floating around my head for the last couple of days that I finally decided to just make already! To my surprise and delight it came out perfectly! This french toast … Continue reading Vegan Coconut Milk French Toast with Fried Plaintains