Raspberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars - Vegan and Gluten Free

Raspberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars

I told you in my last post I had something special up my sleeve for that raspberry rhubarb jam... Introducing the tastiest, jammiest, most crumble-topping-est (I know, just go with it), sweet dessert bar, ever. It's the best tasting bar I've ever made. Possibly the best dessert bar I've tasted, ever. And it should be, … Continue reading Raspberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars


Raspberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam

This tangy sweet jam is a prelude to a delicious dessert recipe I just can't wait to share. While these homemade preserves make for the perfect sweet ingredient in a special treat, this easy homemade jam also happens to be the topping your toast has been waiting for (and your pancakes, waffles, and french toast, … Continue reading Raspberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam

Spiced Super Berry Smoothie

Today I'm sharing my current favorite fruit smoothie. This blend is perfect for fall; it features fresh apple juice (or cider), tart cranberries, juicy raspberries,blueberries, and spicy cinnamon for a flavor combination that is sure to wake up the senses. It's tart, and sweet, and utterly juicy with a warm hint of spice. Regularly sipping … Continue reading Spiced Super Berry Smoothie

Raspberry White Hot Chocolate (Dairy-free, Vegan)

Hot chocolate is one of my favorite evening treats, especially on a chilly winter night.  I stopped buying hot cocoa mixes years ago, because I discovered that making my own was really easy and tasted about a zillion times better (not to mention it wasn't full of yucky stuff like hydrogenated oil).  A hot beverage in a … Continue reading Raspberry White Hot Chocolate (Dairy-free, Vegan)

Blushing Beauty Berry-Beet Smoothie

Despite the obnoxiously snowy weather we've been having around here, I'm currently on a smoothie kick.  I know, I'm weird.  My smoothie love comes in phases.  Late summer I was awash in a sea of fruity-green blender concoctions, enjoying at least one frosty beverage a day.  Then I must have got smoothie burn-out because for a while they didn't sound so … Continue reading Blushing Beauty Berry-Beet Smoothie