Buckwheat Crispy Treats - Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Date Sweetened, Plant-Protein rich, Oil free, gluten free - a healthier alternative to rice crispy treats

Buckwheat Crispy Treats

I can feel it in the air, and I can see it in the Target commercials... back to school time is just around the corner. With my kiddo starting nursery school this year, it's all becoming very real. Backpacks and school clothes, folders and pencil cases, lunch boxes and after school snacks. While I don't … Continue reading Buckwheat Crispy Treats

10 Tips For Giving Up Sugar + Easy Sugar Free Treats

I mentioned in my last post that I'm working on kicking my sweet addiction. If you're reading this right now, chances are good you have an interest in healthy eating and have already heard that sugar is one nasty little shush-your-mouth and contributes┬áto all kinds of problems. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even some types … Continue reading 10 Tips For Giving Up Sugar + Easy Sugar Free Treats