Guest Article: How to Use Almond Oil to Remove Makeup

Today I’m excited to welcome guest author Ella James. Ella James is an independent researcher and writer. She has contributed to many online websites related to general health and fitness. When Ella reached out to me about contributing an article on natural beauty and skin care, in particular almond oil, I was immediately interested. I’m a huge fan of almond oil and use it everyday, both for cleansing and moisturizing. It has so many benefits for skin, many of which Ella covers below. In addition, its one of the most inexpensive, yet high quality skincare oils you can buy. Read on to find out how to make use of this amazing oil! Take it away, Ella!

How to Use Almond Oil to Remove Makeup

Removing your makeup is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine. When you sleep with your makeup on, it can have serious effects on skin health. The reason is simple; when you sleep your skin repairs itself which is something it can’t do with makeup on. It’s needless to mention makeup can clog your pores and contribute to acne breakouts, oiliness etc. Although there are various makeup removers on the market, you can remove your makeup with completely natural ingredients such as almond oil. This oil is praised for its benefits for skin health. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Almond Oil and Skin

Almond oil is derived from almonds through a process called cold pressing. The oil is rich in variety of vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy. It also contains oleic and linoleic acids. Here are some of many benefits of almond oil for your skin:

  • Moisturizing – almond oil has the ability to lock the moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated. This is particularly beneficial for people with dry skin
  • It has calming effect on people with allergic irritations and inflammation
  • Due to emollient properties it is easily absorbed into your skin and can be used for massage
  • Its lightening properties make almond oil perfect for eliminating dark circles under your eyes as well as discolored patches of the skin

Another reason you should use almond oil is that it protects your skin from sun-induced damage. The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology published a study conducted by Sultana Y. and team of researchers at the Hamdard University from New Delhi, India wherein scientists examined effects of almond oil on UV-induced photoaging. Findings from this study show almond oil is capable of preventing the structural damage caused by UV irradiation and it’s also useful in decelerating the photoaging process.

Yes, almond oil is highly helpful for your skin, but what makes it good makeup remover? Let’s see!

Almond oil as makeup remover

When you’re shopping for a new makeup remover, you usually think about whether it can easily and thoroughly remove eye makeup. No one really thinks “well, I hope it’s going to remove my foundation well.” Eyeliners, mascaras and other beauty products you apply onto your eyes can be a hassle to get rid of.

What makes almond oil an ideal makeup remover is its pure, natural form. Unlike makeup removers found in stores, here you don’t have weird chemicals whose names you can’t pronounce. That’s why women and girls with sensitive skin can use almond oil as well, without having to worry about irritations, flaking etc.

Almond oil easily removes traces of all makeup, including eye makeup, but it’s still gentle enough to nourish your skin at the same time. Another big difference between almond oil and regular makeup removers is ease of use and removing makeup. You don’t have to pull and tug as your makeup is removed easily.

Despite its name, this highly beneficial substance doesn’t leave greasy residue on your face. Furthermore, along with makeup it also removes dirt and other impurities from your skin.

How to use almond oil as makeup remover

 Using almond oil to remove your makeup is easy. Here’s how to do it:

  • Put some almond oil onto your palm (it should be enough to cover your face)
  • Gently massage the oil onto your face focusing on your eyes
  • Dip cotton ball into rosewater (or plain water) and gentle remove the makeup

You can rinse or choose not to as almond oil is packed with nutrients that are good for your skin.

Almond oil is quite powerful for skin health. It serves numerous purposes including removing makeup. Due to its gentle but powerful nature, women with dry and sensitive skin types can safely use it as well.

Author Bio:

Ella James is an independent researcher and writer. She has contributed to many online websites related to general health and fitness. Her interests include reading and writing about day-to-day health, fitness, and skin care problems. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter


Note from Larice: I use a slightly different method of removing the oil, where I hold a wash cloth under hot water and hold it up close to my face several times, allowing the steam to help remove the oil before I wipe it off gently with the wet cloth.  I look forward to trying the rose water method Ella describes above.


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