DIY Pumpkin Oat Face Mask (All-Natural and Vegan)

Pumpkin Oat Face Mask - Vegan

Is it too soon for another pumpkin recipe? How about a pumpkin recipe for your FACE? Because if you love pumpkin as much as I do, you don’t want to just eat pumpkin, you want to bathe in it. I’m just kidding. Filling your tub would be much too costly, I’ve already looked into it. Smearing a nice thick layer on your face though, now that’s a must-try.


Pumpkin has benefits that extend far beyond it’s nutrition for our body. It’s also a wonderful ingredient for our face! I combined it with one of my other favorite foods I like to eat and put on my skin, regular old-fashioned oats, and a pinch of spices, for a simple and effective mask that you’re probably going to want to lick off your face. And actually, you could! Just take a look at all these magical things that pumpkin + oats can do for your skin:

  • Alpha hydroxy acids and naturally occurring enzymes help speed up cell turnover for a brighter, more even, and younger looking complexion
  • Antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin C might help boost collagen and soften the skin
  • Pumpkin has anti-inflammatory properties that may help heal acne and reveal clearer skin and tighter pores
  • Oats are awesome for dry and sensitive skin, and can help reduce redness and add moisture
  • Like pumpkin, oats are anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidants, great for soothing bumps and plumping up the skin
  • Oats offer gentle cleansing and exfoliating properties

I’ve been using this twice a week for the last few weeks. It’s perfect for an autumn pampering session, and it’s a great way to use up that leftover pumpkin puree. The first time I used it, I immediately noticed my skin looked smoother and dewy. After a few times, I felt like my skin was more balanced, softer, and my pores were noticeably tighter. I like to add a bit of extra cinnamon, which boosts circulation and adds a warming effect – it will give your skin a rosy glow (plus it smells amazing!). Be careful with cinnamon, though, if you have sensitive skin.

Remember to eat some pumpkin too! All those anti-inflammatory compounds, beta carotene, vitamin C and fiber are wonderful for your health and for feeding your beauty from the inside out.

Pumpkin Oat Face Mask - Vegan

Pumpkin Oat Face Mask


  • 3 Tbsp pumpkin puree
  • 1 Tbsp oats, ground into flour (I used my blender, it doesn’t need to be super fine)
  • 2 tsp of coconut sugar (optional, but adds extra exfoliation)
  • a tiny pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon, or pumpkin pie spice – just for the smells
  • For dry skin: add a little of your favorite facial oil like almond oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba, or coconut
  • For acne prone skin: add a few pinches of turmeric and extra cinnamon* (skip the cinnamon if your skin is sensitive)


Mix it all up and smear it on clean skin. Sit and sip on a nice homemade pumpkin spice latte for about 10-15 minutes, then tissue off and then rinse with warm water. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer or facial oil.

*I love cinnamon and have a plethora of different varieties; for this mask I used Indonesian cinnamon, which is definitely potent stuff and has a warming effect when used on the skin. Regular (cassia, or common) cinnamon might not produce similar results. Ceylon cinnamon is another good one I like to use, and is supposed to be great for clearing acne.


2 thoughts on “DIY Pumpkin Oat Face Mask (All-Natural and Vegan)

    • Larice says:

      Absolutely! The oats are really soothing and soften my skin. I agree Jasmine, I love making my own natural masks, they feel so nourishing! Hope you enjoy this one 🙂


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