Mango-Avocado-Mint Green Smoothie

After a weekend full of birthday cook-outs, cupcakes, and chocolate chipĀ ice cream cookie cups (oh yes!) I felt like I need a dose of green to start my week. This creamy green smoothie was filling, refreshing, fruity, and so satisfying. Although my daughter asked for a "pink" smoothie this morning, I found her eyes wandering … Continue reading Mango-Avocado-Mint Green Smoothie

Golden Years Turmeric Smoothie (whop whop whop)

If you've never tipped a little turmeric into your smoothie, I'm here to tell you you're missing out. Talk about a unique and utterly delicious sipping experience. Combined with cold creamy coconut milk, frozen mango + pineapple, a touch of fresh ginger, and a sprinkle of sweet Ceylon cinnamon, and you've got your self one … Continue reading Golden Years Turmeric Smoothie (whop whop whop)