Green Tea and Peach Ice Pops (Sugar-free, Naturally-flavored)

August is National Peach Month, and since the temperatures here are creeping back up towards 90 degrees F (30 C) by week's end, it seemed only fitting to blend these deliciously juicy fruits into icy cold popsicles. I added cooled steeped green tea for a flavor and health boost. These frozen treats have no added … Continue reading Green Tea and Peach Ice Pops (Sugar-free, Naturally-flavored)


Sour Cherry Recovery Popsicles

Has the weather been heating up in your neck of the woods this week? Around here the temperatures have been rising into "hot summer" territory. Today it's supposed to creep into the high 80's. We're having a heatwave! You know what that means right? Time to break out the popsicle molds. Oh yeahh. Ain't nothing … Continue reading Sour Cherry Recovery Popsicles