Green Tea and Peach Ice Pops (Sugar-free, Naturally-flavored)


August is National Peach Month, and since the temperatures here are creeping back up towards 90 degrees F (30 C) by week’s end, it seemed only fitting to blend these deliciously juicy fruits into icy cold popsicles. I added cooled steeped green tea for a flavor and health boost. These frozen treats have no added sweeteners or artificial flavors, just natural skin-beautifying ingredients.


I want to extend a big thanks to anyone reading, whether you regularly follow this space or you’re just stopping by to check out a yummy popsicle recipe. I don’t don’t take it a bit for granted. I appreciate and look forward to reading your comments and I’m thankful for each follow, like, and view. I love connecting with each and every one of you, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share and chat about my favorite subject, healthy and delicious food. THANK YOU!


Now, on to these refreshing, naturally energizing ice pops!

Green Tea and Peach Ice Pops

makes 4-8 pops, depending on size of molds

  • 2 cups steeped and cooled green tea
  • 3 ripe/soft peaches, pitted and roughly chopped
  • 10 or more fresh mint leaves, optional

popsicle molds

Blend the cool green tea and two of the peaches until smooth. Add the last peach (or a handful of peach chunks) and pulse a few times, so you have some texture in your pops, if desired. Place mint leaves in the empty pop molds and then pour in the peach/tea mixture. Put in the freezer. Add sticks after about 20 minutes or so, after they’ve started firming up.

Notes: These are not too sweet, using ripe peaches will add more sweetness. Add an extra peach for more peach flavor/sweetness. Or, you can add a little maple syrup, coconut nectar, stevia or other sweetener to taste.

Check out these 16 health benefits of peaches:

And 10 clinically proven health benefits of green tea:


Tell me, lovelies, how do you enjoy the season’s fresh peaches??


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