21 Healthy Plant Based Dinners Ready in 45 Minutes or Less

Long time, no see, my friends! How is everyone doing? Lately, I've been in a bit of a food funk. I'm feeling very "meh" about food and cooking. And recipe creation? It's not happening. I can't really explain it, other than the events around the world and here in the states have been weighing heavily … Continue reading 21 Healthy Plant Based Dinners Ready in 45 Minutes or Less

Raspberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars - Vegan and Gluten Free

Raspberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars

I told you in my last post I had something special up my sleeve for that raspberry rhubarb jam... Introducing the tastiest, jammiest, most crumble-topping-est (I know, just go with it), sweet dessert bar, ever. It's the best tasting bar I've ever made. Possibly the best dessert bar I've tasted, ever. And it should be, … Continue reading Raspberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars

Raspberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam

This tangy sweet jam is a prelude to a delicious dessert recipe I just can't wait to share. While these homemade preserves make for the perfect sweet ingredient in a special treat, this easy homemade jam also happens to be the topping your toast has been waiting for (and your pancakes, waffles, and french toast, … Continue reading Raspberry Rhubarb Chia Seed Jam

Fruit and Oat Crumble Bars - Vegan, Gluten Free, Oil Free

Healthy Fruit and Oat Crumble Bars

Last week I was having this major craving for a crumbly oat and jam bar. Something I could really sink my teeth into. I found a few recipes online, but most had large quantities of sugar and oil, and my goal was to make this an anytime bar. Wholesome, naturally sweetened, gluten free, oil free, … Continue reading Healthy Fruit and Oat Crumble Bars

16 Best Recipes of 2016

Hi, hi, hello! How has everyone enjoyed the holidays? We had a very busy weekend last week, and we're coming up on another weekend of traveling. My nephew is getting married this weekend, which pretty much blows my mind (and makes me feel very, uhm, mature), especially since I still think he is a toothy-grinned … Continue reading 16 Best Recipes of 2016

Vegan BLT with Oil-Free Baked Smoky Portobello Strips

I love a good vegan BLT. That combination of smoky strips, juicy tomato, crisp lettuce, and creamy mayo sandwiched between two toasty slices of bread, is total perfection. For many years, when I had a hankering for a BLT, I would buy some sort of pre-made packaged "faux" bacon vegan strips. There are some really … Continue reading Vegan BLT with Oil-Free Baked Smoky Portobello Strips

Nacho Cheese Cauliflower Popcorn (raw, vegan)

I'm sharing a fun little snack today that is not only vegan, but completely raw as well. Cauliflower popcorn? I was a little skeptical at first, but after making it (and making it again, and again, and again), I was more than a little hooked on this crunchy and flavorful whole food snack. Occasionally, out … Continue reading Nacho Cheese Cauliflower Popcorn (raw, vegan)