Celebrate Earth Day with a New Vegan Recipe App

As a passionate plant-based foodie, animal advocate, and concerned resident of our one-and-only home, planet earth, I can think of no better way to celebrate Earth Day than adopting a vegan diet. Not only will you reap health and beauty benefits galore, you will help out our planet and all of its inhabitants by reducing the strain on its natural resources. If you’re not ready to go 100% plant-based, why not make a goal today to work towards a more planet-friendly diet by enjoying more vegan meals each week?

Downloading a recipe app is a great way to explore the many mouth-watering vegan dishes out there, and I’m so excited to introduce you to One Green Planet’s Food Monster Recipe App, which has just launched today! After all, there are thousands of amazing plant-based recipes out there just waiting to delight your tastebuds, and you can find over 5,000 of them on the Food Monster App! Just check out some of these awesome features:

Explore high definition photos of recipes by diet, cuisine, meal type, occasion, ingredient, special themes, season, and cooking method…


Browse by diet specifics, such as gluten-free, grain-free, high protein, no/low sugar, nut-free, oil-free/low-fat, raw, soy-free, etc…

You can also explore recipes by Popular Themes such as Dairy Free Cheeses, Avocado, Raw Vegan Dessert, Chocolate and more. They had me at “Chocolate”…

I love that you can bookmark your favorite recipes so you can keep scrolling and go back to look at them later. You can also explore collections such as Nutrient Dense, Hidden Ingredient, Single Serving, Quick Meals, Budget Friendly, and 5 Ingredients or Less. I think this is the feature I’m most excited about. You know how I love nutrient dense recipes and hidden ingredients! And who doesn’t love quick meals and 5 ingredient or less recipes?

We all know you can hop on Google, search recipes and get a gazilliondy results, but the best thing about the Food Monster App, is that all of the recipes are carefully chosen by One Green Planet staffers (so you know they’re vegan), and beautifully categorized, so searching for recipes is not only easy, but fun! Plus, it’s so much simpler to follow a recipe with an app on your phone compared to trying to haul your laptop in the kitchen (risky!) or trying to look at recipes on your phone’s web browser.

Not only can you access thousands of recipes now, 10+ recipes are added every single day. As you may know, I became a contributor to One Green Planet this past fall, which means that you can find recipes from Feeding Your Beauty on the app as well. I truly believe I could show this app to anyone and it would inspire some major excitement in the kitchen. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re on a budget, a novice cook, new to a plant-based diet, or not a vegan or vegetarian at all.

Get ready to be inspired with oodles of gorgeous food photos and plant-based recipes. I know I’m having a blast bookmarking mouth-watering recipes, and exploring all of the awesome categories and themes. Do something wonderful for your health, the animals, and for the planet this Earth Day, and download the Food Monster App; you’ll be whipping up tasty, planet-friendly eats in no time!



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