Peanut Butter Cookie Nice Cream Sandwiches (Dark Chocolate Dipped!) – Vegan + Gluten-Free


Oh my dears, do I ever have a yummy vegan treat for you today. I think this might be my favorite sweet recipe on the blog so far! It’s basically a marriage of all of my favorite things: dark chocolate, peanut butter cookies, (dairy free) banana soft serve, ice cream cookie sandwiches. Yeah, it’s all of that. In one amazing, messy to eat, but totally worth it, dessert.


My daughter and I did a trial run of these over the weekend, just peanut butter cookies with nice cream sandwiched between them. Then I had the epiphany that I could dip the whole shebang into homemade chocolate hard shell. I realized that was far more difficult than I bargained for, so I decided to dip just the cookies in the chocolate sauce, pre-ice cream sandwich assembly. Perfection! They are delicious, and far healthier than anything being peddled from the ice cream truck. Yes, these are messy and melty, but my golly, you’re going to love every second of it.


Bake up a batch of my perfect peanut butter cookies, freeze some bananas, and mix up some 2 minute chocolate sauce, it’s time to meet your new favorite summertime treat!

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter Cookie Nice Cream Sandwiches

Makes about 5 sandwiches*



  1. Make sure cookies are completely cool. Dip half of each cookie in the chocolate sauce. I use a glass measuring cup to mix everything and then I can tilt it to dip the cookies. Lay on parchment lined pan and pop in the freezer for a few minutes to harden up.
  2. Add bananas and a splash of almond milk to a high speed blender or food processor and process just until a soft serve ice cream consistency, don’t over blend or add too much almond milk or it will be too soft. You want a fairly firm mixture.
  3. Spoon out a big dollop of banana nice cream onto one cookie and top with another, press gently and go around the edge with a spoon to smooth. You can eat right away – (melty, messy, and amazing) or freeze for an hour for a firmer ice cream filling.


*Number of sandwiches depends on how large you make the cookies. I’d go on the smaller size, since you’re automatically eating two, not that I can ever eat less than two of these cookies anyway!



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